Mobile App and FAQs

What is the Dragon Taxis Mobile Application?

The mobile app provides you priority booking electronically via our app downloaded on the iOS or Android platforms. You can also track your car, call your driver and pay by credit/debit card all through the app.

How can I contact Dragon Taxis?

You can contact a member of our team by emailing or call us on 02920 333333.

Will Dragon Taxis charge me a fee for using the service?

Customers can pay by cash as normal and via debit or credit card using our App. For those priority business customers, there may be a small service charge applicable for those booking on account. For further information about Business Accounts please visit the homepage on this website.

Why do I need to give my mobile number and email address for registering the mobile application?

We use your mobile number for security purposes to ensure you are in possession of the mobile device and for contacting you about your journey. We also need to provide you details about your booking and send you the respective receipt. We do not share this information with any third parties.

Is driver feedback anonymous?

Not necessarily as we use this information to continually improve our service and to assist our drivers in optional driver training.

Do the Dragon Driver’s receive 100% of all tips via the Mobile application.

Yes, minus the cost of the credit or debit card service charge.

Does Dragon Taxis have an operators licence?

Yes, we are fully licensed by the local authority.

How does Dragon Taxis choose their drivers?

All driver’s are self-employed and those who approach the business to provide driving services are vetted and their vehicles regularly inspected. Copies of drivers licences, insurances and their council badges are kept on file.