Cardiff Metropolitan – Safe Taxi Scheme

To support students moving or residing in South Wales, Dragon Taxis have agreed with the Cardiff Metropolitan University that students can make emergency bookings on account if required. See the following information for further details:

  • When a student phones they must quote the “Cardiff Met Safe Taxi Scheme”
  • A student must provide their full name and student union number. This card must then be shown to the driver to verify the booking at pick up.
  • The scheme is active from 10pm to 6am every day.
  • There is a maximum allowance of £10 on the account and only two students are to travel at any given time.
  • The pick ups can only be within Cardiff.
  • The drop off point must be a Student Residential Address, Halls of Residence, Police Station or Hospital.

Please be aware this service is in the interest of student protection and to be used in emergency situations only. The student will have to reimburse their student union within 7 days of the emergency situation, as the student guarantee the fare is paid to Dragon Taxis.