Be Safe in Newport

Use a reputable taxi firm and make sure the vehicle has the firms logo on the vehicle when it arrives.

Never get into an unlicensed vehicle. Licensed vehicles have either a yellow or white plate on the rear attached to the bumper. This plate has their registration number and license number on it. In the event of a problem you will need these numbers.

If you have booked by mobile phone, Dragon Taxis will text you free of charge on the taxis arrival with the registration number, make, model and colour of the vehicle. This is a service for your safety to make sure you get in the correct vehicle.

If you have booked a taxi with Dragon Taxis it is easy to identify the driver and solve any issue quickly. If you flag a car down or collect one on a rank then we wouldn’t be able to identify the driver and won’t be able to help you with any issues.

If you tend to spend all your money and can’t afford a taxi home late at night then you should consider purchasing a pre-paid Travel Card from Dragon Taxis in advance so you can always get home.

A four seat car costs less than a five, six or seven seat vehicle ( there are extra charges for more than 4 people )